Knocking on Heaven's Door

Jordanis to Tryiss

Jordanis to Tryiss:

You are able to get some help with the sending ritual from one of Joradanis’ apprentices. However, you are not certain when or if you will hear back from Caliate. The general consensus among Jordanis’ pupils and associates of lesser note is that the demons have been seen headed south.

It is a growing concern for him. So far, six demons are suspected to have traveled south. Only one was stopped, a group of bounty hunters had slain him on the way to Goodwin from Crosstrade. They got what they came for, and headed to Rolfestead. It was during the first assault on Crosstrade that the demon had been slain.

He says he can not afford to leave Goodwin, as he is needed there, but he will assign Venant to help you. Venant is a ritualist. He agrees to the mission.

You still don’t know much about this threat.

Jordanis recommends that you don’t travel off aimlessly south. There are villages which Wind will know, and if you wish to bring Jess Darkwood with you, you could. she knows the area the best as her and her father used to provide many services to those villages. Her uncle is suppose to be somewhere south as well.

Venant joins you. Jess could join you. You sent a message to Caliate. Six demons headed south. Bounty hunders killed One demon the day Crosstrade was attacked.



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