Cape Devmo

Cape Devmo has about the same stats as Andauria:about 100,000 people. There are about 100 temples in the city, one for every thousand people. About 40% of those in Andauria are devoted to necromancy, so about 40 churches. Between 7 to 500 people attend each church.

Though it is about the size of Dunwin. Everything is very tight in the city.

Cape Devmo exports seafoods, and things you get from sea creatures. It has a huge fleet. It has more low sloping roofs, and that Cape Devmo features concentric castle style.

A good description of a Concentric Castle is “a Castle within a Castle”. The Medieval architecture of the concentric castles was effectively lots of buildings, walls, towers and gatehouses in one massive Medieval castle complex built within in successive lines of defence.

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Cape Devmo

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