Here are open tasks:

P1 – I have been trying to find a seed combination from that will produce a fractal world that looks similar to the world I drew. I might need to make my own fractal world using gimp.

P2 – Transferring catacomb info from the Dragonborn Kingdom group to here in the city description.

P3 – Naming or remembering the name of the peninsula/continent that Rolfestead is in.
Partial Answer: Sea of Rahab
Sea of Rahab map

Sabel Windmirror was an explorer. He had mapped out many places, but he also stayed away from some places. The navigator of this ship has used maps made from Sabel’s works. Sabel has mapped out more locations, but this is the section that was pertinent to the navigator. There are more cities on the map, but you have only been able to mark locations you know right now. The letters each correspond to Methusaida, Altin, Thariol, Dunwin, and Goodwin. You deciphered Rolfestead with a little knowledge of it.

Grey he stayed away from.

This is as far as you have deciphered the papers:

P4 – Explaining the maps are not exhaustive of the areas, need a general disclaimer or should I map the areas?

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