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Locations listed alphabetically below:

The Dragonborn Kingdom
The Eladrin Metropolis
The Harvest Coast
The Iron Continent
The Tiefling Kingdom
The Mekos Archipelago
The Shadowfell

About the game map:

On the map of the Golden Coast is Methusaida to the NE, Dunwin SE, Goodwin SW, and Crosstrade NW all marked with small grey triangles. This is one of may approximations of the land that can be found as a common map of the area. The map making skills of this time period are shoddy though, and will not be completely accurate. This particular map does not have a specific explorer’s or cartographer’s name attached to it. It is not clear how long ago the first copy was made, or by who. Methusaida looks like it wasn’t a port city when the map was made though, and it is much larger than it looks on this map. Still the map should give you a rough idea what the area looks like. The dark brown is mountainous region and dark green is heavy forest.

Locations listed alphabetically below:

Altin – city northeast of Thariol
Yakov and Jacek’s Winery – a famous winery expanding from Altin

Rolfestead – It is a huge metropolis on the other side of some mountains east of Altin. It is a plutocracy with 210,000 people in it. It has access to the sea, and there are many islands to it’s south and southeast. Mountains to it’s west, and more cities to the north and northeast. The city is ruled by King (First name in the works) Glyndwr.

Runherbrycg To get there travelers must first go through the pass north of Crosstrade, then head a few days west into the mountains. It’s home to almost 150,000 dwarves. Most of the city is delved into the sides of Mount Qorighi. It is ruled by the dwarf lord Ardhelfst and the dwarf lady Withryna. It’s not far from a border city of the dragonborn region. This is where Gromly is from.

Thariol – main port city directly east of Dunwin across the sea.
Notigan – rough tavern by the harbor in Thariol
Little Blue – tavern by the harbor that gets a more mellow crowd in Thariol

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