There are many explorers who make maps, some accurate some not. These are a few of the more reliable maps.

Owen Dragoneater’s map of the North
This region is not mapped that well. Owen Dragoneater braved much of icy seas, but did not get around much inland. Missing from the map is the city that Balaam the Bird is from.

Herald Geapol’s map of the harvest coast
Scale – The distance from Crosstrade to Goodwin is 30 miles. Crosstrade to Methusaida is 15 miles, half a day on foot.

Rris Umykyon’s map of the Iron Continent
Scale – 50 miles from Taldiren to Andauria as the crow flies.
Rumors of war show sides dividing out.

Sabel Windmirror’s map for the sea of Rahab

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