Deities and their followers

General List

Alliston – A wealthy nobleman who traveled across the sea to see his friend in Cross trade. Rumor is he went to Dunwin.

Amos and Berbol – Amos is human, and Berbol is a Bullywog. They were in a scuffle with Tor, Dam, and Wage in the city of Taldiren. They seem to be some kind of criminals.

Artemis – He is an inventor of some kind. He has a tower in Taldiren which has an airship anchored to the top of it. He is old with white hair.

Bruck – He is a prince among the northern tribe of Goblins. The tribe goes by the Kuboto. The Kuboto goblins have other princes and princesses, the half breeds of goblins and humans.

Edgwar – A small business owner in Taldiren.

Ferrouneis – He is an officer at port in Taldiren.

Gerald Foxbow – Candidate for operating a temple of Kord if Koraxe has it constructed.

Gaffo Basi – A sage in Rolfestead, he can scry long distances, and his ability in divination has made him world famous as someone that everyone calls “The Sage”

Von Fremril – A nobleman who escaped from crosstrade with an identity crisis. It was resolved when Gromly (pc) and some others, including Nathya (pc), turned Fremril and an impostor over to Jordanis. Now Fremril lives in Crosstrade again. He is one of the richest men there. He might be funding the construction of a temple of Kord.

Herald Jordanis – A well known wizard in Goodwin.

Hataleu – A diplomat from Goodwin who can speak in Draconic. He is a middle aged human.

Captain Mortikai – The Captain over some of the forces in Goodwin. He knows Gromly to be an excellent paladin. He also knows Skaddak.

Seebo A gnome wizzard who has fallen from a position of power in Rolfestead.

Von Temdira – He is a member of Methusaida’s plutocratic council. He can usually be found at the Goldmaple Consortium. Temdira is an elf who looks to be young for a elf, but very experienced.

Venant – He’s a ritualist working for the forces of Goodwin. Generally he wears a collared shirt with a vest.

Wellington – In Taldiren, Wellington is a guildman.(thieves) He sometimes has side jobs that the guild doesn’t take. He sells the jobs essentially.

Yakov and Jacek – Own a winery that goes by their names. It’s located in Altin. They have been having issues with their shipments.

Ch 8 Conquerors of the Banites

You meet three Devas there who are also investigating. They are collaborating together on the events. They seem happy to work with you.

One is Bandha a druid, she has geometric patterns of white and dark gray on her skin, and white hair and dark brown eyes. She wears leather armor and wields a mace and sling. Bandha is confident and energetic.

The second is really odd. He just goes by Deva as though that is his name. Deva has runic patterns of white and dark gray on his skin, and white hair and sharp gray eyes. He wears leather armor and wields a short sword and handaxe. Deva is forgiving and kindly.

Anan is the third. She appears to be a monk. Anan has spiral patterns of black and pale gray on her skin, black hair, and blue eyes. She wears cloth armor and wields a dagger. Sometimes her armor bends to reveal shurikens tucked behind it. Anan seems fierce and moody.

They tell you that they detected the demons presence for a long time after their arrival. When you arrived, they could no longer detect the demons. Anan is the only one that doesn’t seem relieved. She spits on the ground at the mention of the demons. This is rather unusual for a monk or a Deva. The other two don’t seem to notice as they have known Anan a while.

Venant returns.

Ch 9 The Sage’s Directions

You must stop the demons and destroy the portal on their island. Stop the Balor Nefala.

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