Races in the world

Humans, Elves, and Shifters are very common on the Golden Coast.

Deva – Recently they became abundant on the Golden Coast, which is very unusual. People used to be starstruck by the presence of a single deva. They are now relatively ignored because their presence is so constant, there are so many of them. This applies in the four cities on the northern end of the coast. In any village to the south or else where the Devas are quite amazing to anyone who sees them.

Dragonborn – There is a small settlement in the south building before winter. They were very uncommon before that in the Golden Coast. They have a large kingdom to the west.

Goblins – There are many tribes of goblins. The Kuboto tribe is now allied with Crosstrade, and delivers stone in cooperation with Koraxe and the temple of Kord. Their was another tougher and meaner goblin tribe that kept human arms and skulls. They were called the Banites. They followed Bane, but their leaders followed Cyric.

Kenku – There are two pcs who are Kenku in the region. They will be receiving many looks. Except in Methusaida, where odd races always appear the Kenku can blend in fairly well among the other strange races. There are flocks of Kenku in and around Rolfestead.

Shadar Kai – They are a mystery. Most people mistake them for humans. They are from the shadowfell. Nathya has some great posts on them.
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Races in the world

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