Recognizable Ships

Ellax Heavy: Large cargo ship of Rolfestead

You learn the flag of the cargo ship, and hear more rumors of monsters that wait just beyond breakwall for the ship’s trip back northeast. It’s a well to do trader ship.

Normally this kind is escorted by three to four other smaller ships or traveling in a small convoy which is most common. They might make a trip each week or more often dependent on the demand for transportation.

This particular ship does not come to Andauria often. This is the first time that it was escorted by creatures. The crew is composed mostly of Muls, Elves, and minotaur. Though there is at least one shifter among them. It has a crew of about twenty, estimated from it’s size. It’s scheduled to be here one more day before setting out.

While most ships deliver wood among primary materials, this one does not. The region, which the ship is from, lacks in wood itself. It brought items of glass, carapaces, and magic. It also brought spices. It’s taking away various foods, hides, metals, and medicines.

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Recognizable Ships

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