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The snow covered desert land was nice to look at from the boat, but better were the partially covered domes of the city. Many of those domes are made of the metals that are part of the regions dangerous creatures, much like the giant scorpions some of you fought. Carapace and the metals are commonly exported from Rolfestead. The ships travel heaviest to the east and south.

Some travel to the Mekos Archipelago, an island chain east of the Iron Continent. Yet even farther east are more lands of great cities. Coming to Rolfestead makes the Harvest Coast seem very isolated from the talk of the people.

The wealth here is breathtaking. They aren’t at war with anyone, the people are happy, and the cold winter air is filled with the smell of spices. Spices are another of their major productions. For foreigners, being inside the city can be a bit hard to get used to with the smells. Locals tend to notice considerably less, and may be more keen to other smells. This is particularly noticeable on the docks where locals sometimes complain of the dead fish smell, while foreigners get overwhelmed with the spice smell.

The Dragon Tamer
Years ago the Dragons faced a great thread. There was a primordial monster that was consuming dragons, and growing stronger with each it consumed. With the help of some heroes, the dragons were able to subdue the primordial beasts. One of the heroes was Saint Bane’s friend. The friend is referred to as the Dragon Tamer in the current time.

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