In the nautical compendium it looks more similar to the cog, but the stats are like the Sohar. It has three masts. aft, main, forward. The ship was stolen from Alliston’s in Methusaida. The ship is varnished in a light color stain and still has some remnants of the shell designs on the support post below deck.

speed 15
dimensions 90 ft.(L) x 25 ft.(W)
crew 16/20 (11crew 4off 1 cap)
cargo 100 tons
cost/value 17,000 gp
HP 3500

Ballista specs
Attack: Standard Action
Ranged 30 Target: One creature
Attack: +24 vs. Reflex
Hit: 4d8 + 7 damage

If you use a chain, the damage is 2d8+7, but you can try to reel the target in. It will have a dice check that will depend on the thing you try to reel in. Though if the thing is larger than your boat, then you are actually pulling yourselves to it. The chain is the weakest point in the design, so it will break before you lose the ballista.

Ammo types
Pulling Chain
multiple shots
bq). All have chains so they are not lost the chain can also be removed if desired.

Historic uses
Damage sails to slow a ship
Net ammo to entangle a ships crew.


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