The Dragonborn Kingdom

The Dragonborn Kingdom is surrounded by mountains on the Northern and Eastern sides. The Western side is bordered by the Tiefling Kingdom. The southern side is bordered by the sea. They expanding eastward toward the Harvest Coast. They share a Southwestern border with the Eladrin’s remaining metropolis.

Mellaminn Dragonborn City and Citadel provides a home to 20,000 and 3,600 Dragonborn respectively.

This is a castle that recently was obtained by the Dragonborns from Eladrin. The city and citadel are thoroughly decorated in Eladrin styles. The Dragonborn began occupying the citadel and city in such numbers that the business were taken over by Dragonborn. It is hard to keep your shop when everyday ten Dragonborn try to muscle you out of it, and every other shop in town experience the same thing. The Eladrin could not afford to go to war with their population overrun in such a way. It took a couple years, but eventually nobody wanted to live with the Dragonborn there.

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The Dragonborn Kingdom

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