The Harvest Coast

Crosstrade – It is a large trading fort to the west of Methusaida. This is where items change hands from pirates to adequately respected merchants. Timber walls surround the entire city. It has a barracks with many guards. There are towers periodically around the perimeter as well. All the trees in the immediate vicinity have been cut down over time. There are farms around the fort, though most are located to the eastern side where it is safer.

This fort is a home to a force that keeps pressure on the Goblins, Orcs, and other enemies from the mountain. Soldiers take turns living in the city and living at the battle camps further toward the mountains. They are not concerned with the coming and going of bandits and pirates.

There is a pass to the north of Crosstrade. It leads through the mountains, which cut toward the coast there. Merchants will pay to be escorted through the pass safely. Most merchants from the north come to sell their goods at Castle Goodwin or Dunwin.

Before the Battle of Crosstrade they had an average population of 80,000 people. The figure includes the guards from Goodwin. By the end of summer 50,000 people lived in Crosstrade. The population is very new to the area as many came for jobs. It’s viewed as a great place of opportunity and significantly safe now that the goblins have been fought back.

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except it’s a lot larger, and there is a stone temple of Avandra in it. The towers are in the corners and at the gates. Gates on every side. Biggest to the west and south. )

Dunwin – It is a smaller port to the south on the same coast. Dunwin is very near to Castle Goodwin and is closely watched, which is why Methusaida is so much larger. Ships that carry races other than elves, dwarves, and humans are not allowed to port in Dunwin.

Castle Goodwin – It is located southwest of Methusaida. It has a village that sprawls forth from in its wall to out and around it. Beyond the village are many farms. Political Structure

If you are a human or elf from this area, you have been here. It is a ways west of Dunwin. Much of the land around it is farmed, and the village inside the walls has sprawled outside encompassing the castle. It is generally considered safe to travel between Castle Goodwin and Dunwin.

Before the battle of Crosstrade they had a standing army of 12,000 men, with a population of 50,000. The army is split between Goodwin, Crosstrade, and the Western Outpost. After the sacking and liberation of Crosstrade, 5,000 soldiers remained.

Jordanis leads an academy devoted to teaching and researching arcana there. Another structure of note is a Temple to Pelor. Much of the healing in the city is done in the academy adjacent the temple.

Methusaida is a port city known to harbor pirates among other questionable people. Most of the homes here have an A frame structure to them. There is a low perimeter of timber walling in most of the city, with a large opening to a road leading west. Over 100,000 people live there. The city is massive. It has a gladiatorial arena.

Rahab destroyed much of Methusaida’s port shortly before Crosstrade was liberated.

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The Harvest Coast

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