The Iron Continent

There is war currently, and part of it is over necromancy.
Andauria, Taldiren, and Finnwich have legal necromancy. They are one side.
Dauntal and Gaurdsoleav both have legal necromancy. But they are neutral.
Cape Devmo and Wiseyawnlerashter both outlawed necromancy. They are on the other side of the war.

Andauria This city is about the size of Methusaida. It is smaller than Taldiren. Andauria’s structures are stone and brick. They are prepared for war, and everyday their people are clearing snow to insure that their defenses and siege weapons are ready. The roofs are typically 10/12 pitch with a shingle system. Ice isn’t very long yet on any of the structures, but there are slick parts of the street where water drips around or over the gutters above. The sewer system keeps the city from flooding on warm days in winter.

Taldiren This city lays across the sea far south of Dunwin. It’s considerably larger than even Methusaida. It has a formalized government, castle, and keep. It’s another port city, with mountains immediately to it’s western side.
Image of the City

Cape Devmo
The city is defended by a series of stone walls and gatehouses. It is governed by a council of elders, known as the Sapphire Circle. The most prominent tavern is the Silver Candle. It is about the size of Dunwin. It has a mighty fleet.

Dauntal Rumors have spread that Dauntal is helping pirates to take ships. Some of the ship hands in port speak of it casually, mostly in jokes.

Rris Umykyon’s map of the Iron Continent
Scale – 50 miles from Taldiren to Andauria as the crow flies.

War on the Iron Continent
Iron Continent War Information

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The Iron Continent

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