The Mekos Archipelago

The Mekos Archipelago is a string of four islands located far east of the The Iron Continent. Each of the three outer islands houses a city-state belonging to one of the three races found there with the central island housing a large town where most of the trade between the cities is done.

Necarium – Is the Githzerai city-state governed by five key Houses; the Izera, Punan, Fodef, Neneac and Erehi Houses. It is located on the northeastern island. Necarium is a large walled off spoke-and-wheel style city that is dominated by the huge House compounds and the two great temples of Ioun and Corellon at it’s centre.

Sarul – Is the Elvish city-state governed by a democratically elected Senate. It is located on the southeastern island. The elves in Sarul live in a stale farce of democracy. Gone are the days of their enlightenment when their scholars delved into the truths of the world. Now their learned magi barely scratch the surface of their old power and much of their arcane knowledge has been lost in the vast libraries and tall spires of the Sarul University. The Senate is corrupt and those with coin hold the real power over the city.

Lysura – Is the Goliath city-state governed by King Detyk Temico. It is located on the western island. The city is set up against the mountain Iladid in a series of three concentric walls, each higher than the next. The white stone was pulled up from beneath the mountain by the goliaths over the centuries and there are large underground caverns and mines that stretch deep into the mountain. There are rumored to be mine shafts that go from beneath Iladid to Tyver. The goliaths are very militaristic and so have a large standing army and one of the largest navies in this part of the world.

Tyver – Is the large town ruled by a council of nine elected ambassadors, three from each of the other three cities. Long ago Tyver was fought over by the three cities until they decided that trading with each other was more profitable then trying to slay each other. Tyver, a protectorate of all three cities, now functions as the hub of trade for the Archipelago as well as, being the largest island, the primary source of food. Tyver is not only populated by Githzerai, Elves and Goliaths but also a myriad of other races trying to get in on the lucrative trade market there. It is not uncommon for adventurers in the region to base themselves in Tyver to be easily able to access quests all over the Archipelago.

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The Mekos Archipelago

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