The story starts in the year the Dragonborn annexed the Eladrin city Mellaminn, this year is also known as the Year of the Battle of Crosstrade.

Summer – Year of the Battle of Crosstrade –
(Sunny, hot, sunset 10pm, sunrise 6am)
Dragonborn in Melleminn begin extracting riches from the city’s catacombs
Alliston of Thariol begins a trip to Crosstrade to see his friend Von Fremril
Crosstrade is sacked by Goblins
Some bounty hunters are spotted fighting a demon during the battle
In Methusaida, pirates steal Alliston’s ship
Refugees flee to safety, Alliston is among them
Some heroes defend the escape of Alliston and other refugees back to Methusaida
First Wine Shipment from Yakov and Jacek’s Winery arrives in Methusaida
A farm in Altin is burned, and most the family is slayed
Gromly leads a group of adventurers north to Crosstrade
Gomly’s group discovers a busted stage coach
Von Fremril’s coach driver tells Gromly a demon and bounty hunters broke his coach
Gromly acquires respect from Goodwin Captain Mortikai by seizing Von Fremril and his impostor
Gromly leads some adventurers into the mountains near Goodwin
Gromly’s team cuts off a goblin supply chain and cause goblin alliances to crumble
Goodwin is set to liberate Crosstrade
A storm moves in toward Methusaida just before the sea monster Rahab attacks Methusaida
Stranded in Methusaida by Rahab, Alliston of Thariol is kidnapped by thieves
The Battle of Crosstrade is fought and many die
The temple of Avandra is secured
Crosstrade is liberated
Alliston’s wife pays the ransom of 10,000pp to thieves and frees him

Late summer – Year of the Battle of Crosstrade
The award ceremony for the victory in Crosstrade takes place.
Reconstruction begins
Gromly and Skaddak head north to defend their homeland in the coming winter
Politicians of Goodwin rally for retaliation
Heroes of Crosstrade are commissioned to lead an army against the Banite tribe of goblins
The Kuboto tribe of goblins are accepted as allies of Goodwin by Arinthalos
Relations between Goodwin and Methusaida are strained by the presence of the army
Ghayth Frostiere soothes the tension between the cities
Garren Greylin is abducted by mercenaries hired by the Tiefling kingdom
Captain Vaelyn registers her ship “The Stormdancer” in Taldiren
“The Stormdancer” takes the name “The Black Lightning” as their ship’s alter ego
The Black Lightning seizes a ship returning from the Iron Continent to Rolfestead

Early Winter – Year of the Battle of Crosstrade
Heroes are investigating the Deva crisis

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