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Saint Bane, follower of Pelor, lives in Rolfestead. He stands six-foot tall and looks to be seventy years old with curly white and silver hair. It is said that Bane was granted a lifespan longer than that of an ordinary mortal. He has plate armor, bears a shield, and is armed with a sword of legend. Pelor himself has been said to have adopted him as a son. In the records of Rolfestead, he has lived there over a 100 years, and he looked to be in his 50s when he arrived. He has been a supporter of the Glyndwr family line for five generations, though he has never desired to toil in bureaucracy.

During the meeting with Bane:

He looks to Seirian a moment, continues to say that "You have come to know that Cyric is suspect. He is the one behind the Deva crisis. "
He runs his hands over his curly hair, brushing it from his forehead. He stands by Seirian, but angles toward the group. Uneasy about eye contact with Gemmodan, he focuses very little on him, seeking more human looking eyes.


“Cyric has risen in rank among the gods. He has killed Bhaal God of Murder and Myrkul the former God of Death؟ Cyric is the god of ambition. He earned his title and powers when he murdered the mother of magic. Though some call him the god of illusion or tricks. Deities are not slain often, nor easily. I don’t know how, but only that Cyric did slay them. He used Myrkul’s Crown of Horns to manipulate Devas who follow Pelor and Bahamut. Cyric taints the souls of the dead.

As Pelor reaches in now to pull a hero of the past from death, he can only grasp demon cocoons. "

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